Alexandria caught his gaze and said, “Wow. A Subway sandwich. I haven’t eaten one of them in ages” “You can have it,” he told her and handed it to her. He watch her gulp it down and offered his water bottle. He never seen someone eat a foot long subway so fast. She must have been really hungry or likes Subway a way bit too much. “Since the fish are not biting, why don’t you take a dip. I would really like to see a nymph bathe.”

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All the running through the jungle had left her dirty and a dip sounded like a good idea. She entered the water and started splashing water over her body. ‘Well, atleast I am making that guy’s day.’

The water felt good and she washed away the dust and grime. She wanted to pinch her nipples but resisted knowing that she would loose all control if that happened.

“Do you want to help wash your back,” the old guy asked hopefully.

Alexandria clit wanted to say yes but she replied that she could manage. Now that the hunger was taken care off, she desperately wanted to get herself off. She could feel the tension building in her. She could see a similar reaction in the old man, he was trying to hide the tent in his pants.
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She reluctantly came out of the water and the felt her body being eyed upon. Every hair was standing up now, including maybe the pubic ones. The old man suddenly excused himself saying that he had to meet is wife and disappeared quickly.

She spotted his bag he left behind but was disappointed not to find any clothes. She found a compass and a map. She found out where the camping area was based on two landmarks and decided to go back to her tent and wait for Joe.

Using the small river as her guide she tried walking along it. She could feel her body screaming for a release and picked a spot to lie down next to the river bank. She slipped a finger in and started rubbing. She was dripping wet and it felt so good. ‘No wonder Joe wanted to watch me do this,’ she thought, ‘Pity, that he isn’t here to witness it.’

She heard dogs barking on the other bank of the river but was too far to stop now. Her fingers were stroking quite fast now and she felt she was close. She suddenly saw, two men step out on the other side watching her.

She could not stop now even if she wanted to. She smiled at them and spread her legs even wider towards them and started rubbing harder. A few seconds later, she was basking in the best orgasm she had in her life. Her body shook and shuddered for what seemed like a few minutes and she could hear the applause in the background.

After the afterglow subsided, she realized what she had just done and was blushing red. She stood up and turned to wave to the two guys and ran back into the forest. One part of her mind congratulated her on her performance, the other was screaming slutty exhibitionist. She had to get back to the tent, this day was just too weird.

She continued her journey back and after few minutes heard voices. She sneaked closer to investigate and was surprised to see two guys with paintball guns talking to two naked women. ‘Am I in the twilight zone,’ she wondered.

She heard one of the guys say, “You girls will have a two minute head start. If you are hit three times, the game is over for you. The time limit is one hour and if you don’t survive, then you know what we want,” holding his crotch, “Now take off.”

The two naked women dashed through the woods. Alexandria thought the whole episode was just too surreal. She decided to continue the journey and watch out for these weirdoes. At least, I am not the only women running naked through the woods, she wondered, why are those women are doing this.

She almost fell something graze a butt and hit the tree next to her. It was a splash of blue paint. One of the hunters had almost got her. She turned and ran. The hunter had good tracking skills and kept up with her. She almost got hit couple of times but that slowed the hunter down.

When she was almost out of breath, the hunter tripped on an exposed root and she took the opportunity to hide. She held her breath as the hunter passed her couple of times but did not see her. The bush’s branches were poking into her butt and boobs but she tried to ignore it. Finally, after what seemed to be an eternity, the hunter’s friend called out to him that he had nailed the bitches and he left.

After removing the branch which seemed to take a liking to her butt crack, she resumed her journey. She came to the camp area and using the cars as cover she finally made it back to the path to her tent.

Entering the tent, she removed her shoes and quickly fell asleep in the sleeping bag. She awoke couple of hours later and noticed that Joe was back.

“Hi sleepy head,” he smiled and pushed her hair back, “I thought you would sleep the entire day.”

“Come here,” she said, “Let me reward you.” In no time, Joe was inside the sleeping bag and they made passionate love. She started fantasying about her morning adventures and was sure that orgasm #2 was as good as one.

After Joe got up, she asked him, “So what did you do this morning.”

“Nothing much. I went around the place searching for some clothes to wear. Could not find any clothing shops. They have fishing shops, hunting shops and even a paintball shop but no clothing store. You will have to wear you business suit, I am sorry,” he sighed.

Standing up in front of him in her full nude splendor, her nipples pointing out, clit tingling and arms on her waist, she asked him, “Why? What’s wrong with my birthday suit.”

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