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She saw Joe’s Rav4 and was happy that there were couple of rows of cars between it and the camping area. ‘Let’s get my clothes and find Joe.’

As she made a way towards the vehicle, she felt a slight disappointment that her adventure was ending. It was thrilling and her nipples looked like they could poke someone eye out. She felt a twinge of regret that Joe or anyone else was not there to enjoy her nudity. ‘It would have sure made their day,’ she chuckled.

She pointed the key fob at the Rav4 and clicked. Nothing happened. Click. Nothing. Stupid bugs. She inserted the key and realized something odd immediately. This wasn’t Joe’s SUV. A split second later her ear drums felt ready to explode, thanks to the car alarm that was activated.
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She quickly turned and ran towards the trees and kept on running for the next few minutes, till she was sure that no one was following her. ‘Stupid, Stupid,’ she told herself. She sat on a tree trunk to catch her breath. A while later, she found her fingers on her clit and told herself to stop it.

After trying to re-trace her path back to the tent, she found herself lost. ‘What I wouldn’t give for a GPS,’ she thought, and clothes, her mind added.

A hour later, she was less worried about anyone seeing her and more worried about not seeing anyone. She was also feeling very hungry and realized that the last meal she had was breakfast yesterday, besides the multiple cups of coffee to kill her hunger yesterday.

She heard someone shout Damn and quietly started walking in the direction of the voice. She saw an old gruffly looking guy fishing and more importantly had a foot long subway sandwich near him. She evaluated sneaking up and stealing the sandwich but he would probably catch her.

She racked her brains with idea and came up with a plan. Not the best plan, but hopefully it would work. She tried to repeat Joe’s mantras like Female Nudity is Art but they did not help calm her nerves.

Using all her will power to hold the arms at her side, she casually walked toward the guy saying, “Looking like you found our spot.”

The man turned towards her and his response was anything but casual. Her face went from surprise to shock to appreciativeness. Alexandria had never such a reaction from her guy and felt very good about herself.

Since the man tongue was still hanging out, she sat down on rock and continued, “My boyfriend and I like this spot. He will be coming here in a few minutes. He likes to fish here and I like to take a quick dip.”

The man finally found his voice, “Are you nudist? Because you don’t seem to be comfortable.”

“Heavens no,” exclaimed Alexandria, “It just that my boyfriend likes to show me off.”

‘That part is true,’ thought Alexandria, ‘Joe would be exhibiting her around given the opportunity.’

” And with that body of yours, he sure should,” shifting his gaze so that he could see up her legs.

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