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You are in the Swedish forests with me and we decide to go camping with John and Alexandria for the weekend. As usual, it´s warm and sunny and you wear a loose, thin yellow top with spaghetti straps and your white mini skirt and you look lovely and fresh and I love the little glimpse of breast I get when a strap falls occasionally. We get to the river and John and I set up the tents under a tree.
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We go for a walk along the river which is quite shallow here but the bank crumbles as you step on it and you fall into the water about up to your knees. You aren´t hurt and stand up laughing as water streams off you. Your top is heavy from the water and, as your strap falls off, the weight of the water pulls it off your breast and we all enjoy the view as you go on laughing. Your white skirt is now see-thru and a glance at John and Alexandria tells me that they have noticed also. I help you out of the water with all of your clothes see-thru and you want to go back and change but we tell you that you will soon dry in the sun.

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As we walk you do dry out but every time you lean over your breast is bared for us as your top falls well off of you. Your skirt starts to dry and, imperceptibly starts to shrink. It wasn´t covering your cunt by much to start with and, as your skirt shrinks upward on your hips, you are very aware that John and Alexandria are behind you each time you lift your leg to climb up the rocks. At one stage, you fall forward as you slip and your legs spread wide as you try to get your footing, and, as I help you up, I can see your face is red with embarrassment. You glance at John and see that he can’t take his eyes off your legs.

Further on, we sit on a log while they go on a little further and you take the opportunity to tell me how embarrassed you are as you know they have been staring at your naked cunt. As you tell me, I can see how hard and erect your nipples are and I know that you are as excited as you are embarrassed. As I cuddle you, your strap falls off again but I stop you replacing it as I cup your firm breast. As we sit in the warm sun, your legs are spread around a rock and I am caressing you as we kiss passionately. I slip your other strap off you leaving you topless as I play with both breasts. You kiss me back hard and you take one of my hands and press it against your naked cunt. I move my hand around to your arse and pull your skirt up putting you all on show.

You break off our kiss and say What if they came back, baby?´ when you notice they are sitting opposite us staring at your body as John fingers Alexandria and he feels her breast. Seeing this you smile at them and spread your legs wider as I slip my fingers into your wet, hungry cunt. We are both panting as you take my cock out, running your hand up and down it. I get up and pull you to your feet and take your top off before I drop your skirt to your feet. You are smiling as you undress me and we lay on the soft grass beside Alexandria and John as they are stripping too. I watch you as John´s cock is unveiled and you go MMMMMMM as you smile teasingly and turn to kiss me.

I roll on top of you and insert my hard cock into you as Alexandria sits on Johns’s prick. I start fucking you slowly as you watch Alexandria riding John and they are watching my cock ramming in and out of your pretty pussy. You move your legs higher up my back allowing them to see you better as we fuck harder and faster and they fall in with our rhythm as we grind our way to a massive orgasm all round.

After we get our breath back, we dress, ready to head back but you are so exhilarated by them watching you fuck that you decide to walk back naked and you insist that John and I walk behind you. When we get an insight into our tent, we see a car parked a little further away from our tents and I ask you if you will dress now. You look long and hard for the owners but finally, you declare you will go all the way naked. Your nipples are as hard as rocks and a thin line of cum is running down your thighs and it is obvious you are strongly aroused as we continue.

You nearly make it and the sudden appearance of three guys from behind the car makes you gasp in surprise. I expect you to run for our tent as they approach but you wait, naked and aroused, as they approach. You nearly cum on the spot watching their eyes feast on your body and I decide to test your control to the limit and I put my arm around you and start fondling your breast in front of them as we chat. Your breathing gets ragged and you are hopping from foot to foot before I take pity on you and we go to our tent. I am hardly inside before you throw me on my back and fuck me lol.

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